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Plan Your Last-Minute Trip to the Women's March on Washington, Brooklyn Magazine, 2017

Lauren Seiden's 'Reflections in a Void' at 315 Gallery, Brooklyn Magazine, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sol LeWitt, Tells Us To Stop Horseshitting, Brooklyn Magazine, 2016

Hang on to Your New Sincerity, White People, Brooklyn Magazine, 2016

A Presto History of the Metronome, Tom Tom Magazine, 2016

Throwback — Interview with Suzanne Ciani, Tom Tom Magazine, 2013

Spring/Break Art Fair, Art Observed, 2015

Moving Image Art Fair Sells First-Ever "Vine-Art", The Guardian, 2013

Ray Smith at Parade Ground Gallery, The Huffington Post, 2013

Editing work at Charlotte’s Book

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