R. Miller
Annotation/Meditation (Waves)

Production: Rachel Miller
Direction: Lewis Feuer

Annotation/Meditation (Waves) is an urgent and subsuming video work shot from the perspective of a body in waves; it’s an extension of Feuer's Latitudes, a poem sequence comprised of one hundred 100-word sections.

(Waves) inhabits the remote and intimate, prehistoric and present, physical and metaphysical experience of a body in the liminal space of breaking waves.

"The secret of the poetic art lies in the keeping of time … Counting the measures, marking them off, calculating sequences; the whole intensified in the poet’s sense of its limitation … one image may recall another, finding depth in the resounding.” – Robert Duncan

(Waves) fuses an urgent rhythm with an awareness of the body; breath (or lack of) keeps time, and collapses ideas of buoyancy and submersion. The body: tossed, floating, submerged and surfacing, site of impact, distant refuge.

These themes draw on early video/performance work of Joan Jonas (Vertical Roll 1972), Chris Burden (Velvet Water 1974), and Bruce Nauman (Wall/Floor Positions 1968).